The Kentucky Cemetery Association is a professional organization whose purpose is to promote fellowship among Cemetery Executives and Officials throughout the State of Kentucky; to create and maintain high ethical standards through education and training in the conduct of cemetery administration, to meet and discuss mutual problems and exchange ideas on subjects pertaining to cemetery development, operation and management for mutual benefit and protection.


THE FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE for which this Association exits is to inspire continued effort toward the improvement of the cemeteries of Kentucky. To foster and encourage the highest ethical standards in the operation, maintenance, and management of the cemeteries in the sate. To this end, we subscribe and pledge our support to the principles and ethics of this, the Kentucky Cemetery Association.


We believe in fair dealings with the general public, and we will devote our attention to, and charge ourselves with, the responsibility of guiding and assisting individuals with relation to the cemetery, that their interest be well served.

We believe, since a reputation for integrity is a priceless asset, we are obligated to refrain from using any misrepresentation, exaggeration, or deceptions in sales programs, advertising, public relations, or otherwise. On the other hand, we should use all proper means available to us to bring truthful enlightenment to the public.

We believe we ought to encourage every family to acquire a family burial estate, as well as other burial merchandise and services, in advance of immediate or eminent need, so as to reduce a number of situations in which people may be compelled to, by immediate need, to make a hasty purchase.

We believe where we promised to provide a perpetual or endowed care, it is our obligation to place in a separate, irrevocable trust the amount required by state law, of the gross income collected from the sale of lots, crypts, or niches.


We believe cemeteries, though separate in their functions, must strive to maintain satisfactory relations with morticians, cremators, and other operations of related services, but should try to accomplish this through good service alone, and not by the payment of commission to them.

We will discourage and condemn the practice of selling cemetery property for speculative or investment purpose, or upon the promise of resale for a profit.

We will strive to unite members in the closest bonds of good fellowship, we will encourage the interchange of methods and ideas to improve all cemeteries.

We will encourage and actively participate in all legislation concerning cemeteries, that will strengthen and improve our present stature for the protection of the people of the state.

We will solicit and encourage other cemetery officials whose methods of operations subscribe to the above declaration of code of ethical conduct and practice, to affiliate with the Kentucky Cemetery Association.


In 1959 several cemeterians met in Lexington, Kentucky to discuss the possibility of forming the Kentucky Cemetery Association. The number of Kentucky cemeteries were increasing and all of those present recognized the need for an association. The charter of the Kentucky Cemetery Association, Inc. was filed with the secretary of state in Frankfort in early 1960 and the Kentucky Cemetery Association was born. All cemeteries within the commonwealth of Kentucky were invited to participate and become members of the association, which is composed of non-profits, memorial parks, religious and municipal cemeteries. In June of 1998 the association adopted new by-laws which allowed for allied industry participation, thus permitting funeral directors, vault dealers, and florists to become voting members of the KCA.

The goals of the association were in the beginning and continuing today to provide education and information to assist cemeterians in the areas of regulations, record keeping, better maintenance, administration, ethical practices, development, and perpetual care fund laws.

There have been many dedicated and responsible men and women who have served our association from its beginning to present day as board members and officers.

The past presidents of the Kentucky Cemetery Association are:

2014-2016 Chris Rowan
2012-2014 Rita Augenstein
2010-2012 Jeff Lamb
2009-2010 Al Matherly
2007-2009 Mark Young
2004-2007 Kenny Popp
2003-2004 Al Faris
2002-2003 Lee Squires
2001-2002 Gwen Bryant
2000-2001 Maurice Dula
1999-2000 Rita Augenstein
1998-1999 J.P. Gradone
1997-1998 Sandi Collins
1996-1997 Larry Thacker
1995-1996 Terry R. Burd
1994-1995 Stephen E. Blair
1993-1994 Roger V. Collins
1992-1993 James S. Owen
1991-1992 Haskel A. Marshall, Jr.
1990-1991 Edward H. Scott*
1989-1990 Keith Abell*
1988-1989 George W. Little, CCE
1987-1988 George W. Little, CCE
1986-1987 John Price*
1985-1986 Jim Robey
1984-1985 Ed Abell
1983-1984 Dan Scalf
1982-1983 Lewis C. Tingley, CCE*
1981-1982 Lewis C. Tingley, CCE*
1980-1981 Keith Abell*
1979-1980 Keith Abell*
1978-1979 Allen Caldwell
1977-1978 James G. Searcy
1976-1977 James G. Searcy
1975-1976 Oliver Searcy*
1974-1975 Oliver Searcy*
1973-1974 Kenneth Lloyd*
1972-1973 Kenneth Lloyd*
1971-1972 Charles Bell
1970-1971 Robert H. Smith
1969-1970 Drew Dempsey*
1968-1969 David Tingley*
1967-1968 J.V. Gardner
1966-1967 Hugh Rose*
1965-1966 Jay R. Caldwell*
1964-1965 Arch Long*
1963-1964 John Price*
1960-1963 Jay R. Caldwell*

* = Deceased