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Thursday, September 21st, 2017:
2017 KCA Fall Seminar
Friday, November 17th
Carter Caves State Park Lodge
344 Caveland Dr.
Olive Hill, KY 41164
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016:
Below please find a new statute, KRS 367, and the Funeral Planning Declaration Form which it authorizes:
Saturday December 29, 2012:
Letter from the KCA President:  PresidentLetter.doc
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KCA By-Laws (Word Document)
Legal Article: No Wonder Trust Firms Do Not Want Our Business
Tuesday April 6th, 2010:
Month In Review:  April, 2010
Month In Review:  February, 2010
Tuesday January 12th, 2010:
Exciting News!
Winter Seminars: New Trust Services
Thursday December 17th, 2009:
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Thursday October 2nd, 2008:
New Feature! Month In Review:  August, 2008
Monday June 23rd, 2008:
President's Message:  Mark Young
Legally Speaking:  What is a 'Burial Right'?
In the Spotlight:  Rose Hill Burial Park
Thursday March 13th, 2008:
In the Spotlight:  Linden Grove Cemetery
Tuesday March 4th, 2008:
President's Message:  Mark Young
Legally Speaking:  Master Trust Trustee
Indiana Bat protection goes into effect March 31st and will restrict felling of trees
Our new KCA Attorney is:
Stephen A. Brooks, J.D., P.E., P.S.C.
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 436497
Louisville KY 40253-6497
Office: 502.245.1922
Fax: 502.244.7518
Mobile: 502.523.6492
Spam/Scam Alert:  Cemetery Plot for Carol Wills' "Mum"
Director's Viewpoint:  Rhonda Welch