President's Message
Dear Fellow Cemeterians,

GREETINGS! I hope this message finds you well established into a safe and fulfilling 2008!

Our unique service industry has never been more relevant, never been more changeable and never been more challenging than it is today. Cemeteries meet so many needs within their communities; individual needs and group needs. Cemeteries provide green space, they serve as respectful recreation space for walkers, they allow our society to trace its roots, they permit us to express our personal sense of gratefulness for lives lived, and grief for lives lost.

Amidst these qualities of a cemetery, and many more you might name, we find ourselves confronted with ever-increasing consumer expectations, a proliferation of products and services both available and expected, a legislative climate that may simultaneously respect and inhibit the traditions of our profession, and technological innovations that transform the way people interact with businesses, organizations and each other. Our work has never been more exciting. Our “association” with each other has never been more essential!

As current President of the KCA, I am blessed to stand on the shoulders of many wise and diligent predecessors whose energies and expertise have benefited numerous families in Kentucky and many fellow cemeterians across the country. I believe I can safely say that the Board Members of the KCA see our purpose as that of keeping our finger on the pulse of our industry and, subsequently, following through to communicate, lead and shape this profession for the benefit of the Kentucky families we collectively serve. In serving them better, we benefit ourselves, our employees and suppliers.

In 2008, your Board has already focused on several issues including proposed legislation, trust fund compliance, educational needs of our members and non-members, and growing our organization through renewed communication and relevance.

We are thankful to Maurice Byrne for many years of dedicated service as KCA Legal Counsel. The Board took several months selecting a new KCA Attorney and is proud to be affiliated with Stephen Brooks, whose legal acumen is underscored by a family history in this work and a passion for our profession.

I look forward to opportunities for us to interact; we all benefit from shared experience and insight. I am confident both you and the KCA will be stronger for your involvement!

Mark Young,