President's Message
Dear Fellow Cemeterians,

It?s a pleasure to send you greetings at this busy time of year.

Spring necessitates the rejuvenation of our cemeteries after the dormancy of winter. Easter, Mother?s Day and Memorial Day seem to arrive in rapid succession and, as we bend our backs to refurbishing our grounds, we are ever mindful of the weather. Here?s some cemetery Shakespeare, ?To fertilize or not to fertilize; that is the question!? Just one of many you are facing right now.

Why do we do it? Each of us, indeed, each cemetery employee could find other work. Those of us who have spent any amount of time as cemeterians know that ?this gets in your blood.? Why?

Some of you will have seen statistics listing what employees value most in their work. Too often, employers assume we are all just there for a pay check. Though we all need an income, and deserve compensation for our work, pay seems to fall several notches below the desire for meaningful work.

People make our work fulfilling. Whether we are meeting them to make arrangements, seeing them as they visit a grave, or handling their paperwork in an office we are playing a part in their lives with everything we do. Every grave leveled, every memorial installed, every flower planted, and so much more honors a connection between our work and their need, a need we, too, will face in our own lives.

So as each special occasion in your cemetery accelerates the rebirth of your grounds, I hope every employee on your team is reminded of the role we play in meeting a universal need, one family at a time. While the funeral provides a shortterm grief therapy, the cemetery addresses the long term.

Just as we work each day to meet families? needs, your Kentucky Cemetery Association, its Board, Executive and appointed professionals are working to meet the needs of our cemeteries and, ultimately, the people using them.

Our Lobbyist in Frankfort, Tom Underwood, has had a busy time in the last session as several legislative proposals came forward, some successfully and some not. Our Attorney, Stephen Brooks is involved in both short and long term projects to support our goals, namely, to facilitate better service through cemeteries for the citizens of Kentucky by making it easier to be a cemeterian in Kentucky.

Your Association provides a forum for learning and support, through events like the one-day seminar just held in Lexington April 24th and on a day-to-day basis as members use their access to each other to solve problems we share. More than a dozen of those at our seminar were attending their first KCA event; I?ve attended many such events over 27 years and I know I learned from it. I trust they did as well.

I encourage you to set aside the time and funds required so those you serve in your cemetery can benefit by you attending this year?s Annual Convention and Trade Show, our sixth held jointly with the Indiana Cemetery Association. October 9th ? 11th could springboard you to a new level of care, or a new understanding of how to get more done with less. We would also learn from you! I hope to see you then, if not sooner.

Mark Young,