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Kentucky Cemetery Association and Forethought Federal Savings Bank form strategic alliance


LOUISVILLE, KY.  January 6, 2010 – Kentucky Cemetery Association (“KCA”) and Forethought Federal Savings Bank (“FFSB”) today announced a joint plan to establish a program providing a full complement of trust services to the members of the KCA.  For members in good standing of the KCA, these trust related services include the ability to participate in a “Master Trust” program which will help members manage their cemetery perpetual care trust funds. 


KCA is endorsing and recommending FFSB as the exclusive provider of trust related services through the KCA Plan program, a total solution to assist their perpetual care cemetery membership.


According to Al Matherly, President of the KCA, “The KCA Plan” program, developed in conjunction with Forethought Federal Savings Bank, will provide a trust and investment program of tremendous and rewarding value for our members and state cemetery professionals.”


“We’ve worked very diligently with the KCA to create an outstanding trust program for their members.  The KCA Plan program addresses some of the most prominent concerns of cemeterians searching for compliant perpetual care trusts.  With our industry leading service and investment management expertise, we believe this program will far exceed the expectations of KCA members,” explained George Junker, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Forethought Federal Savings Bank.



Forethought Federal Savings Bank was established in 1998 as a federally chartered savings bank devoted to providing cemeteries and funeral homes with unparalleled trust programs and services.  FFSB is recognized as an industry leader in fiduciary services, recordkeeping and reporting, regulatory and compliance expertise, for funeral and cemetery trusts nationwide.


FFSB currently serves customers in 28 states and the District of Columbia and provides management and administration of more than $327 million in trust assets.


For more information contact 1-800-763-0234.