Spam / Scam Alert
The following message has been showing up in email and on fax machines. It is worded as if it were intended for a cemetery, but many such scams play on the dishonesty of the person receiving an email intended for someone else.

It appears that the credit cards mentioned are stolen and that they are attempting to get the recipients to charge the credit cards and wire them cash, either to confuse the money trail or because they do not have the means to process the stolen credit cards themselves.


I am Mrs Carol Wills and pls i will like to book a burial plot for the burial of my late Mum. Pls i will like you to email me with the costs for the single burial plots which u have available at this time.

I will like to have the space of about $2000 and I will want a basic vault for about $800 and I will like just a good Marker. I will pay for closing the grave and the headstone as well.

Please I will like you to email me the total costs which i am to pay at this time and i will have you run my credit card for 60% of the whole cost now while I will pay the balance when we come around for the final Internment.

Also you are to run an additional $2000 on my credit card and you are to send this to the Funeral director in the United Kingdom ( UK ) via Western Union Money Transfer. This this to be their cost to transfer the body from the United Kingdom to Usa for the Final Burial and they will oversee the affairs of the burial to take place.

Here are some details you will need about the Deceased :

Name : Mrs Doris Fatmells Date of Birth : 03/08/1928 Date of Death; 28/05/2007 Marital Status before death: Widowed Place of Death: London, United Kingdom

Please do email or fax me the total cost asap and I will get back to you with my credit card information for you to run asap.

I hope to hear form you soonest and I will wait for any further question you would like to ask.

You can email me directly on if u have an email address or you send me a fax through my fax number : 206-202-4858