Code of Ethics

The Fundamental Purpose for which this Association exits is to inspire continued effort toward the improvement of the cemeteries of Kentucky. To foster and encourage the highest ethical standards in the operation, maintenance, and management of the cemeteries in the sate. To this end, we subscribe and pledge our support to the principles and ethics of this, the Kentucky Cemetery Association.

We encourage the application of the highest ethical standards in the business.

We believe in fair dealings with the general public, and we will devote our attention to, and charge ourselves with, the responsibility of guiding and assisting individuals with relation to the cemetery, that their interest be well served.

We believe, since a reputation for integrity is a priceless asset, we are obligated to refrain from using any misrepresentation, exaggeration, or deceptions in sales programs, advertising, public relations, or otherwise. On the other hand, we should use all proper means available to us to bring truthful enlightenment to the public.

We believe we ought to encourage every family to acquire a family burial estate, as well as other burial merchandise and services, in advance of immediate or eminent need, so as to reduce a number of situations in which people may be compelled to, by immediate need, to make a hasty purchase.

We believe where we promised to provide a perpetual or endowed care, it is our obligation to place in a separate, irrevocable trust the amount required by state law, of the gross income collected from the sale of lots, crypts, or niches.

We believe in the fundamental precepts of fair competition.

We believe cemeteries, though separate in their functions, must strive to maintain satisfactory relations with morticians, cremators, and other operations of related services, but should try to accomplish this through good service alone, and not by the payment of commission to them.

We will discourage and condemn the practice of selling cemetery property for speculative or investment purpose, or upon the promise of resale for a profit.

We will strive to unite members in the closest bonds of good fellowship, we will encourage the interchange of methods and ideas to improve all cemeteries.

We will encourage and actively participate in all legislation concerning cemeteries, that will strengthen and improve our present stature for the protection of the people of the state.

We will solicit and encourage other cemetery officials whose methods of operations subscribe to the above declaration of code of ethical conduct and practice, to affiliate with the Kentucky Cemetery Association.