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Membership with the Kentucky Cemetery Association (KCA) is open to all Kentucky cemeteries as well as the many suppliers and vendors who service our industry.

Member Benefits

Networking: The connections that you will make through KCA will be invaluable. Our members range from small family cemeteries to large, city cemeteries. Ownership includes municipalities, private companies and churches. Our members have hundreds of years of collective experience in the cemetery industry. They have encountered almost every challenge and are willing to share their insights with you. If you have an issue, one of us has probably experienced it before and can help you find a solution, often via email.

Legal: KCA retains an attorney with strong ties to and a deep knowledge of the cemetery industry. He offers his perspective and answers members' questions at KCA meetings, and can also be contacted regarding general cemetery questions on an ongoing basis.

Seminars: KCA holds conferences on a regular basis which provide opportunities to acquire knowledge and insight into a variety of industry related topics. These conferences are interactive, allowing for feedback and questions from participants, and are discounted or free of charge to members.

Legislative Issues: KCA engages a lobbyist to represent its members and monitor bills that come before our state legislature that may affect the cemetery industry.

Suppliers: Suppliers are a valuable asset to our industry, and to KCA. As a member, you will have opportunities to meet representatives from companies that supply equipment, products and services that we use on a daily basis.

Annual Convention: Annually, KCA sponsors or partners with a neighboring state cemetery association to co-sponsor a convention to broaden your knowledge on the most current and vital topics concerning cemetery operations, legislative and regulatory compliance, and administration.

►Membership Application

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